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Liza, 2014-02-11

Thank You! Read more

DAWN, 2014-02-10

A great site - lots of quality people and easy to use... thank you! Read more


Jon, 2014-02-09

This has been a really good site for me, it provides good profiles if a limited number of matched in my area. However I have found a very special person and hope to continue dating her for as long as I can. Therefore I no longer need to remain on the site. Thanks Read more

Hector, 2014-02-09

Thank you so much for my first ever online dating experience. Stressful for a beginner at the start of my sub, but I have enjoyed it very much, and has changed my perception about online dating Read more


Kay , 2014-02-05

I have met the kindest, most loving sensitive man via your site..I am the happiest I have ever been.. Thank you! Read more

Patrick, 2014-02-03

I have found this site excellent in every way and will be very happy to recommend it to friends. Thank you. Read more


Richard, 2014-01-23

Found a lovely lady on this site. Two and a half years on and things are going very well. Read more

Helen, 2014-01-22

We got married in 2011! Read more


Tanya, 2013-08-04

I found my soulmate on this site. Many, many thanks for your help. Read more

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