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Iíve met someone we have an instant connection and enjoying getting to know one another.
Michelle, 24 May 2024
I have found a really nice guy on your site and a things going well. Thankyou really appreciate everything.
Julie, 21 May 2024
Weíve been together since January and seem to be a perfect match. Thank you!
Claire-Louise, 20 May 2024
He is a perfect match for me!
Christine, 17 May 2024
A Lady saw my profile and contacted me and we have been seeing each other since.
Robert, 16 May 2024
I met someone and after two dates we agreed mutually
Andrew, 14 May 2024
Iíve met a wonderful woman on your dating site, we have met up a number of times and canít wait to see her again. We are going away in 2 weeks time, we are so happy when we are together. Marriage is on the cards!
Christian, 11 May 2024
She is everything I hoped for, thankyou.
Jay, 10 May 2024
I think itís a great site!
Julia, 6 May 2024
We both found what we were looking for.
Peter, 1 May 2024
This needs consistent effort and patience, when I met my match in person it was easy, natural, we had and still continue to find so much in common...the work has been done for us and it works!
Amanda, 23 April 2024
We met for the first time 6 months ago, we got on really well. We can't believe our luck as it was the first date that both of us had been on for years and we just seemed to hit it off from the start.
Steven, 22 April 2024
I hit it off with him and we are having a wonderful time. Kindred, positive, slight opposite in that heís a Scientist and Iím not. We go dancing most weekends!.
Josie, 17 April 2024
I have a partner I met on your site and Iím very happy.
Eric, 13 April 2024
I have found it a good experience and easy to navigate site.
Charles, 25 March 2024
Very happy with each other
John, 18 March 2024
I have met a lovely person on your website. Thanks for a great opportunity to meet someone I really like!
Cathy, 11 March 2024
I have met a lovely man who lives quite near to me.
Olwen, 9 March 2024